Pizza as Art.

I’m sitting in a little pizzeria about 200m from the Trevi fountain, managing to find some respite from the crowds of tourists flooding Rome and the street vendors trying to flog everything from phone batteries to umbrellas.

To the smooth sounds of not over loud jazz I’m sipping a glass of local chianti and eating the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. Not only is it a feast of flavors – but a feast to the eyes as well. From the sensuous deep red of the chianti to the riot of colours in the variety of pizza toppings.

Which all got me thinking about how art and creativity encompasses more than just painting and sculpture – but really any form of human expression that takes elements and puts them together so that the sum of these elements are greater than the whole. Infuse this cocktail with love, some passion and like a good wine is transformed from grape juice to a magic kind of liquid – so art is made the same way. I believe creativity and ultimately ‘art’ encompasses a lot of what we do as human beings and is fundamental to having a healthy lives (more for another musing).
And these Italians certainly make food a part of their daily creativity…..and Art.

Here’s a photo of the ‘art’

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